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AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination and seeks to identify college-eligible students in grades 7-12 to prepare them for four-year college entry.
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Career and Technical Education is about doing, creating and innovating. Students in our programs take what they learn and APPLY it to something tangible, like building robots or extracting DNA. Every program is hands-on, and every program gives students the foundational skills to move forward in a career pathway.  Each CTE program leads to college and career pathways, giving students the opportunity to earn industry certificates and dual enrollment credits. We not only teach kids the technical skills for a career but the employability skills that will help them keep the job. 
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Paws & Peers

Mesa Public Schools is proud to utilize the Paws & Peers school therapy dog program. Participating MPS staff and their dogs, also known as paw partners, pass obedience and therapy classes and are tested and approved using a nationally recognized therapy team evaluation. Paws & Peers seeks to meet the social and emotional needs of Mesa Public Schools students and staff. These dogs serve as trusted companions in classrooms, and counseling, nurse, or administrative offices for crisis intervention, behavioral de-escalation, or simply to address stress, anxiety and/or isolation.
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Service Learning

The purpose of MPS Service Learning is to encourage, support, and recognize service learning in all Mesa schools. Our mission is to engage all teachers and their students in meaningful community service experiences that teach and reinforce the curriculum. Mesa Service Learning is a network of teachers, students, administrators, and community organizations whose collaboration builds opportunities for youth service. It is part of academic and extracurricular programs at all levels of education.
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Students at Mesa Public Schools engage in STEM learning on a continuum that is rooted in the use of design thinking, science and engineering practices, computational thinking, and technology skills/applications.
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Bruce Cosseboom

Bruce Cosseboom, Principal

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Kendra Lorbeck, Science Teacher

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Brenda Frank, CTE Computer Teacher